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Up to 18 Passengers

2H - 600€ | 3H - 700€ | 4H - 800€ | 6H - 1300€ | 8H - 1500€ | Sunset Fee - 200€

Includes Welcome Drink, Crew, Fuel and Insurance.

Up to 18 Passengers

Private Charter

Professional Crew

Safety & Comfort

Bluetooth Speaker

Private Rental

Spacious sailing catamaran, ideal for events with family or friends.

Areas of the Boat

• Net at the Bow
• Stern with table and benches
• Bathroom

Important information:

If the client decides to bring his own food and or drinks a corkage fee of 10€ per person. It is forbidden to bring, glass bottles of beer (only canned beer), and drinks based on red wine or dark spirits (red wine, red sangria, black vodka). You must take all necessary material and cooling methods. We can arrange catering services, check out all the options!

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Doca Alcântara, Lisboa, Portugal

Image by Thomas Vimare

+351 913 070 746

(call for a national phone service provider)

Avenida Brasília, 1400 - 038 Lisboa

Doca de Belém - porta 1

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